Emerson Farms

cowgirl creamery
cowgirl's creamery
butter pecan ice-cream
farm goat
corn field sunset
goat on a table

We live just below the canal here in Delaware, and aside from a movie theater and some restaurants, there's really not much to do around these parts on a Friday night. For date night, the hubby and I decided to stop at the local dairy farm for an ice-cream cone. Emerson Farms is just down the road from our house and they they sell the freshest, most delicious ice cream out of a little trailer right on their property, which they call Cowgirl's Creamery. The hubby got a cake batter cone, I got butter pecan, and we sat and watched the goats hang out while watching the sun set over the cornfields. We thought it was so funny that one of the goats was just relaxing on a wooden table. He was probably happy, as we were, that the hot summer sun was finally gone for the day. It was the perfect way to end a long work week. 

What's your favorite thing to do on a Friday night? Hope you have a great Monday!